About Us

HDW Commercial Interiors is a Northwest Indiana based commercial interior design studio that works with clients throughout Northern Indiana as well as the Chicagoland area.

Our driving force is always to bring cost-effective, functional options to any size or type of project. We take great pride in thinking outside the box and offering multiple options to our clients.

Who We Are

in business SINCE 1991!

Certified Woman Owned Business enterprise

We are a certified Woman Owned Business in the State of Indiana.

Best Woman Owned Business

Voted "Best Woman Owned Business" in Northwest Indiana by the readers of NWIBQ Magazine.

Being recognized as "Best Woman Owned Business" is truly an honor and a delight. Special honors go to my team - they take our clients to heart and their service awareness is the soul of our business. On a personal level, both my mother and grandmother were entrepreneurs. When we look at women on the brink of effecting real change - we need to give true thanks for the efforts of our mothers, grandmothers, and those before them. They were the ones that could only peek through the crack in the door. They pushed forward continuing to wedge that door open against some tremendous odds. I am optimistic for our daughters and granddaughters - they will certainly realize the full evolution of women in business.
Rita Bacevich
Best place to purchase office furniture

Voted "Best Place to Purchase Office Furniture" in Northwest Indiana by the readers of NWIBQ Magazine.

Best interior design firm

Voted "Best Interior Design Firm" in Northwest Indiana by the readers of NWIBQ Magazine.


We specialize in design from concept through completion for Business, Healthcare, Hospitality & Education.